new Apple products and some prices - $
Started by McLaranium 1 week ago .

You know the story, new Mac Pro, and the Display... and the support base... and the iPod.
I remember the past Apple display, I found it over price expensive and it was not sold anymore in the store.
Now I imagine the same chapter in this new season, a very expensive screen , and it's base stand mount...

I find it expensive too, comparing with other monitors, materials, brands, specs...
and my loved - I wanted a new better camera, but I never expected a price twice - double price than the past .
and the Mac Pro, something is happening with Mac (o0)

Mac Mini price ... I don't know, it is expensive but yet affordable.

ikomi 5 days ago 2019-06-11 19:22:24

I haven't looked at the other products in the announcement besides the iPod, but I'll comment on the iPod Touch.

Price-wise, it depends on the comparison point. The days of the classic iPods with more storage for less are long gone. Compared to the previous generation though, it's more storage for the same price, starting at 199 USD for 32 GB (previously 16 GB).

Likewise, the camera was one of the first things I checked. It's the same camera as the previous generation. Same battery life. Basically what you're getting is more storage, another 4 years of device support, a faster chip for software-based features like augmented reality and group Facetime. If you're thinking of getting a new iPod and don't already have the previous model, this could be a viable choice.

My experience with the 6th-gen iPod Touch has been mixed, maybe some of the flaws have been fixed with OS updates.

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