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Whats new - do you TV screen ?
Started by McLaranium 26-5-19 .

I had a very nice Smart TV by LG 50". Unfortunately was damaged - no video, just sound. I gotta repair it (one year of delay).
And I can't live without TV, I got a cheap Android TV, the brand "polaroid", Some products have been manufactured by some companies under licence by Polaroid brand, but low quality, a very issues I dislike and example: the remote control is very short range.
Do you have some Tv on room, office or lounge? some services?
Ya know, TV + Cable + Telephone. With USD extra fee I have worldwide TV channels in their Intl. Version

By now, VGA port for PC, HDMI for Cable TV and HDMI 2 for mac mini.

here just the screensaver

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