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Started by manifest3r 25-7-18 .

I got the AirPods first back in March. Then the 13" 2015 MacBook Pro. I get the iPhone X next month.

Night Angel 28-7-18 2018-07-28 15:43:31

Yeah! How much do you like the setup so far?

My MacBook Pro just lost its trackpad. It didn't function at all last week when I was using it in the office...the fixing cost was like US0 after check at the Apple Shop Genius Bar, which was outrageous....

In the end, I just bought the new black Magic Mouse and called it a day...

Night Angel . 9-8-18
Well, I don't want to search around and find a third-party to fix it...too troublesome for me when I have a lot of other obligations yeah, a mouse will work. And the black one is beautiful...

manifest3r . 23-8-18
The problem is for some of my needs as a developer, the tool doesn't exist (looking at you Bear notes and LG!).

I might go to an Apple store and check it out. I've about had it with that other mouse - I don't even use it! lol

Oh and I've been using an iPhone X for about 2 weeks now, and damn am I impressed! Everything is so fluid (120hz touch input is amazing) and responsive. There are a couple of UX and UI kinks that I think Apple can improve, but overall I am very happy with my purchase It's also pretty refreshing using another OS, considering I've been using Android since 2010.

McLaranium . 23-8-18
"Everything is so fluid"
I agree.
I've been - mail , whatsapp, some photos.

when you need apps and communication fluid and reliable I find does it better. just a few apps are some better in Android than IOS. but nothing to repent .

Night Angel . 30-8-18
You are using iPhone X, manifester! And I am sure you won't be able to go back to ....

McL is not planning to switch?

McLaranium . 31-8-18
iF someday I use iPhone - is 'cause my brothers and mom uses it. (o0)
after ipod, ipad, and my bro's devices - i don't need it. my mother uses moth: one huawei and one iPod (o0)
iF MANIFEST3R is reading this - I would like him to say something about this earpods sound (o0)

McLaranium 1-8-18 2018-08-01 08:16:09

can you install SS Disc? or it has one already? will you install SSD?

manifest3r . 2-8-18
I only have 128GB SSD in it at the moment. I do have the option to upgrade to a new SSD since it's not soldered on, but it has to be one from Apple as they use a proprietary connector. A 512GB one costs ~0USD, so right now I'm just cruising along with an external 1TB drive. I got this MacBook for ~0USD, which was a steal, and bought a replacement keyboard and an SSD for . All in all I spent 0.

McLaranium . 4-8-18
if you are saying 0 USD for that 2015 macbook , it is cheap and it worths. at least based in the mexican prices.

manifest3r . 8-8-18
Oops! I meant 450USD

McLaranium . 14-8-18
my gossip:
I tested RAM memory in an all in one pc Lenovo, I noticed the good difference. I will upgrade it to the 8 GB chip, around 75 USD.
I will consider add the SSD later , but I don't want to spend more money on it, because it's OEM Windows is already working and ya know iF I change the hard disk the licences and bla bla bla

Night Angel . 30-8-18
Haha, indeed, but SSD is something you want. Once you use it, you won't be able to go back...

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