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Internet Service Providers - speed I need
Started by McLaranium 3-4-18 .

I will focus in Download internet speed. Things I would not do daily or all day:
2 TV with Netflix and Youtube when my brother is playing online with Xbox
and I'm Downloading ISO DVDs and CD's while my sister is in Live Streaming in Facebook or Google. Even iF I do these tasks daily: for how long time I will doing that? by the next three months? (o0)

200 Mbps for a company could be nice and considering some ISP include 25 or more Mbps dependign the pack. I've seen youtubers with so much video content in their channels, high speed download/upload worths for them !

I don't know iF this gossip is enough to explain why I don't need high internet speed. recently the actual TV Cable company added internet service, and other different provider has installed new fiber offering services.

Now that I have the option to have so much internet speed: I'm not interested! even when I was suffering so terrible with the orher ISP I was with.

A lot of people imagine having 100 Mbps could be the best for them, but I go back to the beginning: will you be playing and downloading a lot of stuff daily for the next 75 days?

I compare the service with the water suminister: will you take shower while washing clothes and someone else in other bathroom taking shower too and wahisng the car?

Night Angel 3-4-18 2018-04-03 06:03:01

I am sure you won't be using your connection capability in full all the time, but you will need that sometimes if you watch movies online frequently. My connection at home is 1000Mbps (125MB/s approx.), and usually it won't be a peak usage. Last night I updated my macOS, downloading 1.5GB of update file. The speed was crazy at around 62MB/s. Really fast download.

I have Apple TV 4K and I believe it will take advantage of such high speed. I watched movies before at such 4K quality and there is not even a lag...

McLaranium 3-4-18 2018-04-03 10:18:14

is your internet similar to say 1 Gbps ? just to name it so, I don't know.

the Mac and its MS Office update was successful and fast, yes, (and really I don't know why the "update" is larger file than the main program pack) (o0)
Watching k-pop show or live news via smart tv , some pixels or a little lag is displayed but nothing to worry about. Advantage to have at least 50 Mbps: no pixels, no lag.

Fast internet + Variety TV Channels + Video Membership = $$$
Fast internet + Basic TV Channels + Video Membership = $$
Basic internet + Variety TV Channels + Video Membership = $$
Fast internet + Basic TV + Netflix, NBA, FOX, HBO, Spain TV . . = $$$$
and so bal bla bla

Night Angel . 9-8-18
Well, I guess you can always pay much to get faster connections!

McLaranium . 14-8-18
all fine now since new ISP upgraded the services. !

Night Angel . 19-8-18
Yay! Did you need to pay more now? Or just upgrades on their side?

McLaranium . 22-8-18
the company upgraded and they don't charge more fees, just a little and affordable adjustment in the price 'cause the quality of signal and new packs blah bla blaaa . ya know.

here was a terrible history in my zone.
initially TelMex was the only one, decreasing service without maintainence through years and increasing prices.

CableCom company just covered different zones, in mine they just offered TV.

TotalPlay arrived to other zone, with the best service TV+Internet.
after it, CableCom upgraded and offers TV + internet except my zone! still abandoned zone !..

and the main "TelMex"---- the hell, worse than ever.

Suddenly short time ago, CableCom upgrades and offers in my zone new packs TV+internet, and TotalPlay does the same.

I upgraded my TV pack to include internet and it was fine the first 6 months, and I decided include all the services TV +Telephone +Internet, and it works good. A lot of people here in the zone changed to the new providers. The upgrade bt CableCom no extra fees, just a little increasing of price just because more TV channels and packs to contract,

USD Telephone + 3 Mbps inernet with some interruptions by TelMex - the famous #1 telephonic company with its owner the famous Carlos Slim one of the most rich men in the world.

$ 38.00 USD TV so much channels + Telephone +internet
$ 38.00 USD a few TV channels +Telephone + fast internet

hahaha - I decided for more TV channels, with an extra TV-codec
to my mother's bedroom , really my mother does not watch TV, the extra-codec will be canceled . saving $ 4.5 USD , with the internet streaming and some apps to watch is enough for her, she is a Radio listener more.

one friend is so happy now 'cause his wife now can work better with the university sending and receiving information.

my close neighbor - same there, sometimes the weekend he updates information to the company about electric engineering , time ago it was the hell and frustrating.

in my house ya know sometimes sending adesignin PDF for printshop was a hell, sometimes I had to use Hotspot to work !

my brother in his district has the basic 80 Mbps / 8 Mbps , with a few TV channels and telephone (useless the telephone line dunno why, he and its company work with internet, face time, whatsapp, imessage, online live streams reunions,) so good my brother's company pays the internet service , the nature of the job demands it and the company knows it the ugly: they can call you whenever unexpected (o0)

McLaranium 1-8-18 2018-08-01 08:30:47

my gossip:
here in MEX the ISP can be good or excellent or a puke trash. it depends the zone.

some users are so satisfied and happy with Telmex. Axtel is just in a few districts, TotalPlay is the worst for some users and here in my area is one so good option bla bla blaah others local etc....

short time ago two providers arrived with good services in my area:
one is Internet provider with TV packs, some expensive if you want more TV channs.
the one I have contracted time ago with TV pack, is TV provided and they upgraded its service offerint internet. more TV channels than insternet packs in comparison of other company. I'm satisfied by now .

the other 3th provider is just telephone and internet company, the most big company in mex, supposed the owner is one of the most rich men in the world, and the worst in my area.

Night Angel 9-8-18 2018-08-09 05:31:13

So McL is still struggling with unstable connections?

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