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iPhone X and future phones
Started by Night Angel 30-10-17 .

Apple announced their new phone as the 10th anniversary product, iPhone X (pronounced as ten), in September, which is just available for preorder. The phone won't be coming until late November, but this phone is to set a new standard in the market.

iPhone X is an all-screen smartphone, having the new OLED monitor all over the front except a little notch that houses a dozen of cool hardware. The screen also has a higher resolution than iPhone 8 Plus, being able to watch a 4K video on the screen with HDR and Dolby supported.

Without the home button, everything is now done with touch gestures and Face ID. The security now moves from your fingerprint to your face, which is considered to be a million times more secure than your fingerprint. You may wonder if the phone can be unlocked by just putting it in front of you, not really. Face ID uses dot projection, which is like a 3D scanner of your face and muscles, and so it can only be unlocking the phone with you watching it directly.

There are more features that you can see on Apple's page, but as some magazines put it, it is setting a new standard again which Android probably needs another 3 years to catch up. The facial recognition looks like old things, but iPhone X is not just using the image analysis like other phones do. It scans an object to proceed, and that is very new and advance in the industry.

The no-button phone world may also lead to another round of GUI exercise that developers have to design around this new world. Without the home button and bottom part of the phone, everywhere is now usable, and functional now. I am sure many designers will find this interesting and create some innovative GUI designs.

What do you think about future phones? If iPhone X is not going into the vision of yours, what do you think is missing? When you can just look at it to unlock your phone, pay with your phone or explore the world with your phone, what is the next step you are looking forward to?

McLaranium 7-11-17 2017-11-07 00:24:47

I saw a post in Apple forum, about 128 - 64 GB.
One guy said "I use iPhone for everything, my work , office... even I don't have laptop, I need at least 128 gb"
That's an old comment, and I think that guy may has a device to backup iPhone, the point is: price or storage capacity is justified depending the demand and use for apps and works.

Extra: the sound in stereo when you watch-listen in landscape (horizontal) is very good, so nice and good sound! iphone 8.

McLaranium 7-11-17 2017-11-07 00:37:56

the local and famous guy (some bugs found)
Jump to minute 8:24

Post edited 7-11-17

McLaranium 7-11-17 2017-11-07 00:40:35

here ... (o0)

ikomi 13-11-17 2017-11-13 15:05:47

I've been hesitant to comment as I don't plan to get one, or have anything optimistic to say about it.

I like the wireless charging, the higher-resolution screen. 4K video is great assuming negligible effect on battery use. That's all I can recall for now. Some people have large hands and would prefer a larger device for a better grip, for maps and watching videos while commuting.

Currently wireless headphones are still inferior to 3.5 mm headphones in a few ways, but I could put up with it. As for FaceID, no phone needs to do this, even with the best assurances (which mean nothing) of secure device storage and limiting access. I hope they're not using it for authorisation (rather than an optional means of identification).

Night Angel . 16-11-17
It is fun to see that in general has much more problems, but the rant also goes to the side, more and more...

I also wonder if more wireless devices will crack on our health...sooner or later...

ikomi . 16-11-17
Affect our health? You mean something like the impact of radio waves, or poor health habits while constantly using electronic devices (especially mobile)?

Night Angel . 17-11-17
Mainly the former case, as it is something hard to avoid. Even if you don't use it, people around you use their devices with WiFi and telecommunication radio waves...

ikomi . 17-11-17
Yeah, unless living in the or some remote place.

Night Angel . 18-11-17
indeed, can't evade from the waves unless you start to be a hermit...

McLaranium 14-11-17 2017-11-14 05:30:39

You know I've been searching info about iPhone 8 and iPhone X. I have nothing against Apple , against users iOS . I was so curious .

my rare veredict: it is good, very nice hardware, strange and divided opinions about iOS, more reliable than at least I've noticed it.

I don't like iPhone 'cause: the size, the limited storage, the limited bluetooth between
And the price is some "overpriced". I don't mean it is expensive bla bla.. it is overpriced in my opiniOnion.

Finally in this thread I can say:
The photos are terrible. I've compared photos and with iPhone 8+ and they look like a Van Gogh painting.

let's see what can we find later

Night Angel . 15-11-17
Indeed, Apple products are not cheap at all. However, to me the price includes the good quality and design effort which I am willing to pay (for most of the time when I agree with them ). Like my Mac, the price is not low, but that initial cost pays off in the long run as I don't need to spend much time and money to maintain it...

ikomi 14-11-17 2017-11-14 17:41:31

Yeah, lack of removable storage is a drawback, as was not having a file manager app by default until recently. Along what Night Angel suggested, I sync files to a server and keep only files I'm using to save space on the device.

Night Angel . 15-11-17
Did that for my iPad Pro too, with most of the documents (for work usually) on the cloud. Then I can choose the less expensive 32GB version, haha..

McLaranium 14-11-17 2017-11-14 19:04:04

example: my androide with only one SD Card is enough maybe 64 GB ( to me for me) is good and I don't remove it, I don't change it. maybe, some day dunno .
The device comes with a reduced built in storage, only with usd you can upgrade it , the iPhone demands another model with more price for more storage. that's it.

I feel more comfortable the way to manage files with androide, via USB and bluetooth, the androide is "friendly " between macmini and pc.

my brother noticed in his iphone 8, the cover "glossy" is less resistant than other models, he feels it scratches more easily (o0)

I'm not high end, non critical work user to iPhone, I like it, but it is more than I need in apps and performance , maybe that's why I'm intrigued and some afraid about iPod, I love my iPod , I'm enthusiast and "fan" of it like some others are with iPhone.

Night Angel . 15-11-17
Like I said before, with cloud storage, everything becomes friendly to each other on any computers / mobile devices, haha...

Now, if I can choose, I will ditch USB / Bluetooth systems. No wires no connection. When everything is through the Internet, everything is much more convenient...haha...

McLaranium . 15-11-17
I've used OneNote by Microsoft - related to onLine internet cloud and communications, it wors so good , it's example . yes.
and i've used oneDrive - sharing files is good and I think it is safe too.

Night Angel . 16-11-17
Funny! You think you are good and safe with Microsoft, but not with Google?

McLaranium . 20-11-17
abut google services:
I find G-mail app so good . friendly with attachments and embeeded images (embeded, embeeded . .. )
the blog system or Google+ is hard complex bla bla.

Night Angel 1-12-17 2017-12-01 03:31:47

I have gotten my iPhone X and used it for over a week now. So far so good, though I encountered some bugs occasionally. (like the volume change popup didn't go away)

The big full screen is a huge attraction, it turns out. When you view websites and movies, this is a big plus, as if you are really absorbed into the whole experience. The sound is also very good, because now it makes use of a front speaker so that you have even sound distribution when viewing in landscape mode.

The changed home screen activation wasn't too hard to get adjusted to, but you need to know the new shortcuts after the removal of home button. For example, you need to take screenshot with the volume button, and you need to do the old-school way to force-quit apps without swiping up (because that's the global home screen gesture; now you have to hold the app in the multi-tasking screen and press the quit icon).

The battery is much long lasting than before, but perhaps because I am comparing it to my previous iPhone 6S. Plus iPhone has longer battery life, and this X has even more (according to the spec). In the past, if I didn't charge it during the day, the battery dropped to 20-40% at night. Now, it will just be 60-70%.

To activate iPhone X, you can also just tap on the screen when it is not on. However, that triggers a lot of unwanted wake-up, and makes me accidentally tap on something. I hope Apple can make it not default, or add a double-tap instead of single.

I am still waiting for more apps to be updated to provide full screen experience, but so far everything is fine. The camera is so much better, I have to say! Take a look at this lunch photo I took yesterday!

McLaranium 2-12-17 2017-12-02 07:11:45

I think hardware ( iPhone ) is better than iOS or apps (o0)
considering some bugs ...

in the last year, I've noticed iOS updates is similar to crash and bug your device.
some people is fine no problems found, and some other reviews are annoyed with updates

Night Angel 3-12-17 2017-12-03 14:40:32

True, and like this article says, the recent bugs on Mac OSX and iOS probably produced quite some undesirable effects to both the loyal and casual customers...

Apple pushes out iOS 11.2 with Apple Pay Cash, 7.5-watt wireless charging, date bug fix

McLaranium 4-12-17 2017-12-04 02:40:23

I'm afraid about iOS - I hope for no more 'cause Apple fame is known like reliable and easy and safe OS. (my ipinion being user)

and based in history... and maybe you know how programming is complex, fix by fix is like a vortex and endless problem, bug by bug and fix and patch and it getds non stop ! a damaged iOS fixed and patched is a No End versions and updates.

McLaranium 4-12-17 2017-12-04 02:43:46

do you Headphones Earpods Airpod or something for audio in your iPhone ?

Night Angel . 4-12-17
Nope, I like my Marshall earbuds, hehe...wired.

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