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about IOS 11 - lwebsite link about upgrade or not
Started by McLaranium 23-9-17 .

[ link ]

iPod - iPhone
I will wait and get more info about upgrade IOS 11
I have iPad, iPod, Mac Mini.
iF you have more info about IOS 11 or opinions or links - share! by now today September 23 - let's see what's comming up in thaa future

ikomi 7-10-17 2017-10-07 21:32:02

McL, if there's still an option to check for updates and remind you to install them in the system settings (instead of auto-install updates), try that instead? You can then update on your own schedule.

ikomi 7-10-17 2017-10-07 21:38:18

[ link ] (e.g. "Notify to schedule restart" if you're on Windows 10)

Night Angel 9-10-17 2017-10-09 17:49:52

my office computer uses Windows 7, and it won't forcefully restart upon new updates. It only notifies you that the updates are ready....

McLaranium 13-10-17 2017-10-13 04:11:29

Recently, I noticed in my mom's iPhone 5s - something strange in its iOS Wi-Fi
I could not describe it, but iF I got to say it, it is "intermitent" connectivity. even in my iPod the WiFi turns off a little bit ( sorry, I can't describe it so good).
the WiFi is not 100% uptime online - iF I describe it.

Night Angel 13-10-17 2017-10-13 07:24:04

Do you mean that the connection will just drop and not reconnect?

Some iOS devices experienced that before, and somehow, like ikomi said, the bug wasn't completely fixed...

McLaranium 17-10-17 2017-10-17 04:18:54

I tested the iPhone 8 plus.
it is more heavy weight,
. sincerely I don't find the amazing device.
it is good, nice, pretty , reliable, good and so good processor,
to BIG size like a tablet.
so nice sound in stereo when you watch it horizontal mode.
expensive, even I saw Huawei devices also expensive as iPhone. I choose a lenses for my nikon , maybe a Destop or Laptop - my mother chooses Alienware instead iPhone iF she could.
IOS 11.1
I could not test my favourite burnig tests:
hot spot + GPS
GPS and Nav
B612 photos

it includes in the camera a mode to "ignore background and crop the subject face". and as I imagined it Burns :flame:
its temperature increases so high hot heat!

I suppose the B612 makes it to be so hot .

my mother and hers iphone 5s is fine, it is good, but the little detail about connection WiFi is rare, I could say: between my so ugly and bad internet modem and service + the iOS bug = little problem , a few times boring, it does not happen several times .

Night Angel 30-10-17 2017-10-30 07:55:31

Well, I think what is worthy to someone or not is very subjective. One can always find something best fit for themselves.

You can compare Huawei phones or others to iPhone, but what iPhone is expensive for is not just a briefly comparison of what it is made with or made of. You cannot judge from typical specifications like screen size or weight.

To me, it is clear that iPhone is expensive, first, because of its brand. It is from Apple and it is quality assured. Very seldom you will find your iPhone different from others like the case is slightly offset, or the screen edge is slightly misaligned. The craftsmanship (by machines, obviously) is very good and well controlled. Also, the materials are not cheap things, but high grade stainless steel and durable glass.

What I like also is the integration between hardware and software. Yes, new iOS is buggy, but I am sure every new system is buggy. What you can be sure is that the operating system won't be as lagging and weird like Samsung phones because of the pre-installed packs. The experience on iPhone is smooth, and ready to fit into your existing Apple ecosystem, if any.

Anyway, this is very subjective still. You will definitely find the best phones for yourself later.

Night Angel 3-11-17 2017-11-03 07:06:06

Btw, iOS 11.1 is out and fixed a lot of bugs, including the recent WiFi hack. Time to get the new operating system

McLaranium 4-11-17 2017-11-04 06:24:22

I tried to share photos via Airdrop iPhone - iPod
my mom's iPhone 5s could not see me like Contact iPod touch 6th.

We restart the iphone and ipod ,
that's was enough to solve the issue. with "restart" we continue sharing with Airdrop. I will check the WiFi connection in my mom's iPhone.

I noticed SIRI makes my iPod gets so heat feeling it so Hot like a !
apps making my iPod burns: B612, Siri.

gossip, out or thread
iF I browse the photos folder from other PC via my local network, I imagine one Thumbs.File is generated and preserved "for future" or maybe for a "period of time" in my System. I noticed it after "windows update", when before it , the Thumbnails were displayed slower.

Night Angel 5-11-17 2017-11-05 03:24:30

Did you turn on AirDrop for Everyone? Maybe the connection wasn't very stable...

Siri is hot? That sounds a little...weird Did you keep talking to him/her like for 2 hours?

McLaranium 7-11-17 2017-11-07 00:14:52

Siri and I were talking about Crays and Kuala Lumpur .... a loooong conversation

ok .. no.. let's get serious.

I could not test with more demand the iPhone 8+, 'cuase I noticed my english is very bad.
"set alarm at 4:10 "
~ 4:00,
four and ten, four with ten, four with it, four with then....

with iPod and iPhone 5s, the temperature was increasing while using Siri.
no problem with airdrop , it was isolated issue for a moment.
Siri is better in Portugues lang - for me (of course in spanish is the best choice)

When my bro and me wewre talking to Siri, my iPod was confused, "my Siri iPod" was listening both I was giving it instructions and it was listening some random words from my brother ! haha iF you are in a conversation between two or more Siri won't know who is talking . dunno - just gossip again.

Post edited 7-11-17

Night Angel 15-11-17 2017-11-15 02:27:52

From McLaranium:

Siri and I were talking about Crays and Kuala Lumpur .... a loooong conversation

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