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Shikoku Food Hunt
By Night Angel, 17-11-14 in Food

Most of my friends know I am very fond of Japan that I go there nearly annually. Yes, I have been there for many times but this trip to Shikoku is probably the most relaxing trip I had so far. Of course, it is relaxing because it is a rural part of Japan, which the government tries very hard to......


Bread Feast
By Night Angel, 27-7-13 in Food

Perhaps you have bread every day, but have you tried these kinds of bread then? If you find the typical loaf of white bread too boring to you, you can then try one of these from the Ueno Bakery and Enzyme (?????????) ! First is the Yoghurt Cheese Bread. It looks like typical cheese bread with blocks of cheese inside. However,......


The Coffee Academics
By Night Angel, 5-4-13 in Food

At the end of the Yiu Wah Street, which is like a little food lane now, you will find a classic-styled cafe. The Coffee Academics resembles those little coffee shops in Seoul (the street where Coffee Smith is situated), which has a high ceiling and semi-outdoor tables. As the name suggests, this place is all about coffee: making good coffee and......


By Night Angel, 1-4-13 in Food

People never get enough of cupcakes, because they are just so cute and beautiful! While more and more cupcake shops arrive at Hong Kong, some of them are still standing strong and outstanding. Compared to the other shops, Sift's cupcakes are less exaggerating or flamboyant. In fact, that is probably why many including me like this place more, because all we......


Miss B's Rainbow
By Night Angel, 15-3-13 in Food

There are more and more boutique shops in Central selling exquisite cakes and fine candies. Despite the high prices, these delicate desserts are still selling like hotcakes and have quite some loyal fans in the town. Sevva is famous for their arrays of colorful and haute cakes, and their founder Bonnie Gokson extends such style to her first standalone cake......


The Salted Pig
By Night Angel, 23-2-13 in Food

The L Place has become one of the most rapidly-changing F&B towers in the Central district. Last year, the once-popular Hong-Kong-style restaurant Cantopop was replaced by the pasta place Linguin-fini, and now the short-lived Japanese restaurant above is taken over by another restaurant by Shore. The new Salted Pig will surely provide some fresh dishes, which are pork as its......


Blue Butcher
By Night Angel, 14-2-13 in Food

Claimed to be one of the best meat specialists in Hong Kong, the Blue Butcher is just opened recently next to the Press Room and Classified in Sheung Wan. The restaurant received numerous positive comments from magazines, including Prestige which described it like this: "The philosophy behind Blue Butcher is to pay homage to the farm-to-table, nose-to-tail dining... It's simple,......


Spring Moon
By Night Angel, 13-2-13 in Food

Situated inside the classic Peninsula hotel, Spring Moon is a Chinese restaurant with 1920s decor. Oriental rugs and dark brown old furniture create a completely different world than Peninsula western lobby interior. Best known for its popular mooncakes which are always sold out two months before Mid-Autumn Festival, this place is also famous for the high-quality Chinese cuisine. Right at the......


By Night Angel, 27-12-12 in

Much has happened since the renovation of Pacific Place. Not only does the design from Thomas Heatherwick changed the overall mall interior into an organic design with curves and irregular patterns, his design also extends to the top off the podium level. The interesting layout of the gardens with well-cut stones and tiles on floors and planters turn the entire......


Yummy Osaka + Kyoto
By Night Angel, 25-12-12 in Food
Lego Batman Tumbler
By Night Angel, 10-7-12 in Lego
Testing 2
By siuyiu123, 14-6-12 in
Bettys Kitschen
By Night Angel, 27-5-12 in Food
Above & Beyond
By Night Angel, 23-5-12 in Food
Homemade Dessert
By Night Angel, 3-5-12 in Kitchen