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Automotive group
Started by Nohbudy 27-8-06 .

I was just thinking about buying a new car, and was thinking it would be cool to have an automotive and transportation group.

Cars, and other forms of Transportation are a large part of all of our lives. The new forum group can be a place to show off your car, or car audio system. How you rebuilt your engine, how to repair disk breaks... and what ever else there is to be said about cars.

AppleTree 27-8-06 2006-08-27 15:56:00


I guess I am far from getting a car..but I guess I am considered to be extremely enthusiastic about automobiles! Many users in this forum probably doesn't have a car or isn't planning to get one in the near future..but I might be wrong.
If that's so, this forum can be just for discussions of interest and not practicality...

Night Angel 12-10-06 2006-10-12 01:17:08

Let me add this group when I am back home! Need a car smilie too!

Nohbudy . 13-10-06
plz don't kill your post. IT HAS A SOUL TOO!!!

Night Angel . 13-10-06
*set fire on Noh's previous post*

Nohbudy . 14-10-06
NOOOOOO!!! /crys

Night Angel . 14-10-06
*get some roasted instead* Yay!

Nohbudy . 14-10-06

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