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Tech issues
Started by Dreamer2go 19-6-04 .

Username: Dreamer2go
Real name: Dickson Pak
Real email address:
ICQ or MSN or Yahoo:
Group name: Computers/technology
Group info (what you want to do with it, talk about what topics...etc): Help ppl with techy news etc

bobby 25-6-04 2004-06-25 16:50:52

well i should ask how vincent can work with 2 monitors in the same time

larry 25-6-04 2004-06-25 17:02:09

i think your graphics card need to support that function...and you can just go thru display properties to do it... i not sure though...haven't tried it but you can..

Dreamer2go 25-6-04 2004-06-25 20:58:43

I know how
that's why it'll be cool if I can have a group....

make it Technology problems vincent? detailed enough?

joshms 27-6-04 2004-06-27 21:25:46

1. bobby did not ask about "how to set up 2monitors". he asked "how someone can work on 2 monitors at once". therefore it is not a technical issue.
2. techonology is too big a subject. Look in the dictionary what that word means.

larry 28-6-04 2004-06-28 01:47:43

yeah two monitors at once....u can do it like that...i think...i meant joint display

Dreamer2go 28-6-04 2004-06-28 03:39:36

yes you can
by using a video card
one monitor can be plugged into a video card
the other through the motherboard.

Dreamer2go 28-6-04 2004-06-28 03:43:58

instead of blabbing about "technology" is a big word, why don't you help me out?
I mean it's just broad is it? Theres COMPUTERS, big group. SUBgroup = hardwares..softwares...
so we create a group of each? Hold on, bad idea...that's why I can't narrow it down....

if you don't want to approve it
then fine
just say so
you don't need to own me so many times, and keep saying the topic name is too broad.

1. bobby did not ask about "how to set up 2monitors". he asked "how someone can work on 2 monitors at once". therefore it is not a technical issue.

it IS a technical issue
you need to purchase some technology in order to have this function.

I don't understand at all......

joshms 28-6-04 2004-06-28 07:36:10

kitchen appliances are technology. pencils are technology. the shirt you're wearing is technology. those stone tools the ancient humans used are technology. need i say more?

i have given you the advice before. think.

:doh: "set up" and "work" have different meanings.

Dreamer2go 28-6-04 2004-06-28 08:40:34

oh sorry, I did say Computers/tech. I meant the topic should be more geared towards computer technology.
if that's still too broad, it's hard to correct.

and sorry if you misunderstood me. I probably am blinded by the word "tech", because most of the time, it means computers related stuff

theres this site called: (as my proof)
[ link ]

I visit this site a lot, so's more like COMPUTER related stuff......

Night Angel 28-6-04 2004-06-28 09:16:53

Personally I don't really think we need a computer related forum because I don't want this place to talk about such serious and technically things. To me, just to me, this place is angelic and computer things just don't really seem to fit in. And if they really have computer things to ask they can just post that in the Anykind Group in the mean time.

I appreciate your suggestion but this time I will need some time to think. Yet it may come.

Dreamer2go 28-6-04 2004-06-28 12:06:41

sure no problem
thanks vincent
I think your answer is a good idea as well

Night Angel 28-6-04 2004-06-28 18:56:33

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