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I want a group too. :)
Started by AliceW 21-5-04 .

Username : AliceW
Real Name : Alice Wui Siau Li
Real Email :
ICQ : 172069712
Group Name : Beauty and Facial Corner
Group Info : To share about some beauty tips like make up, keep fit, dressing and so on to help everyone here to look gorgeous and attractive.

joshms 22-5-04 2004-05-22 11:49:03


Night Angel 22-5-04 2004-05-22 17:16:26


AliceW 23-5-04 2004-05-23 06:35:14

YAHOOOOO!!!..I'm so excited. !

Thank you soooo much for the approval of this new group, Vinc.

Night Angel 23-5-04 2004-05-23 11:35:06

No prob~

Dreamer2go 18-6-04 2004-06-18 23:44:25

my bad

*** Post edited by the author on 2004-06-19 00:24:04 ***

Dreamer2go 19-6-04 2004-06-19 00:26:18

Username: Dreamer2go
Real name: Dickson Pak
Real email address:
ICQ or MSN or Yahoo:
Group name: Computers/technology
Group info (what you want to do with it, talk about what topics...etc): Help ppl with techy news etc

Night Angel 19-6-04 2004-06-19 10:08:24

Next time D2go start a new thread

Dreamer2go 19-6-04 2004-06-19 12:23:05

oops sorry

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