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strange infection, rare.
Started by McLaranium 29-1-21 .

In past days I told I had a little "infection" in one eye.

This week my mom called to a paper supplier and he told her:
"currently I'm not working, I'm going to Doctor Consult.. I have an eye infected, even my daughter called to me saying to have an eye infected too"

Through the week, my niece called to my mother saying
"I'm with my eye infected even I can't open it, I'm going to doctor "

Yesterday I found and old lady friend, talking about healthy and hygiene she told me: " I had an infection in my eye... but I identify it 'cause one car passing by splashed dirty water from the road and I felt the spray reaching my face / eye"

love is in the air

ikomi 1-2-21 2021-02-01 01:18:01

Red eye?

Night Angel 1-2-21 2021-02-01 02:49:10

It is itchy? And you cannot even open your eye? That is serious!

I have a red eye for nearly the whole year. I however felt nothing, not painful or itchy. My eye doctor determined that it was some kind of Rosacea (Type 4, for eyes), which is a kind of immunity disorder. The immunity system kept attacking the corner of my right eye, causing blood vessel problems around my eyeball...

It was nearly cured last Christmas but then the weather was so dry when 2021 started, and my skin problem reoccurred. Now I am having again...


ikomi 1-2-21 2021-02-01 18:18:04

Hope your eye condition gets better soon, Night Angel.

Night Angel 3-2-21 2021-02-03 02:32:26

Thanks It is better now. Last week the weather was dry again and the skin around my eye was nearly bleeding...

McLaranium 3-2-21 2021-02-03 05:24:50

fortunelly the cases here were for a few days , from red-skin infection to "inflamacion" . really unkonwn reasons, only one girl supposedly by dirty water splashed.

NightAngel !
sometimes red eye with blood around inside is preassure - one neighbor, I had it..
but sorry about you friend! strange conditions for months are a worry .

it would be good to know some updates about your issue . !

McLaranium 7-2-21 2021-02-07 08:50:21

I saw a TV Show about worldwide investigations.
Some reports of eye infection after alien / ufo encounteers

it is not a joke!
strange ... rare.

ikomi 7-2-21 2021-02-07 18:08:53

People got infections from the laser beams?

McLaranium . 10-2-21
(this one with tree eyes

ikomi . 10-2-21
Nooo, cover it, cover it!

Night Angel . 17-2-21
or ?

ikomi . 17-2-21

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