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Paper Food
Started by Night Angel 11-10-20 .

When you see these from the first glance, do you think they are real?

They are all from paper! This old man from Japan does all these cool setups and takes awesome "food porn" pictures on his Twitter account. Check them out!

[ link ]

ikomi 12-10-20 2020-10-12 17:25:07

These are fantastic! I really like the colours and the lightly crumpled textures.

McLaranium . 14-10-20
even I imagine the sound (not the flavor ... )

ikomi . 18-10-20
It reminds me a little of the food models commonly seen outside restaurants in Japan to showcase their menus.

McLaranium . 20-10-20
I hate the "meme mode" -.. but it works

Costumer: can I taste the fried chicken ?
Restaurant: "yes ! listen the juicy sound"

ikomi . 20-10-20

Night Angel 11 months ago 2020-10-21 16:17:41

@ikomi, indeed, these can be used as dummy food models at the restaurant entrances!

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