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HK Protests against Extradition Bill - August
Started by Night Angel 13-9-19 .

Sorry, this was written 3 weeks ago and I still haven't posted, so please read this as if September hasn't arrived yet.


Here is a quick narration of what happened in the city in the recent 2 weeks. I was thinking about a fuller description on the anti-expedition bill movement, but I guess Wikipedia already did a good job of recording what happened in the last few months.

Since 11 Aug when a first aide nurse lost her right eye after being shot by the police with bean bag round bullet, people were getting more concerned about police brutality when dealing with the protestors. Meanwhile, there were more violent acts from the frontier protestors, attacking policemen, blocking roads and vandalizing properties.

I guess the disagreement and distrust grew so much between the general people and the government / police. The protestors then occupied the airport on 12 Aug, forcing more than 400 flights to be cancelled. Finally, on 18 Aug, a big demonstration was held, which I also joined with my wife. We did not stay too long, but the overall protest was peaceful without extreme confrontations in the end like previous ones.

On 23 Aug, a holding hand event called "The Hong Kong Way", referencing the Baltic Way, happened to connect the protestors and spread the 5 demands. However, on the next day, serious outbreaks happened in several districts, and the police used the water cannons for the first time to force the crowd to disperse. At night, the police blocked the Price Edward Station and beat the protestors / citizens in the train, creating even more discontent and rage in the city. [ [url=年8月太子站襲擊事件]watch the beating clip on Wikipedia[/url] ]

That's all for things before September, and I suggest you reading these links for more information:

National Geographic: Hong Kong History Visualized: [ link ]

Extradition Law Events by TW Reporters: [ link ]

Straits Times on Airport Blockade: [ link ]

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