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amount I would like to have, or do I need
Started by McLaranium 5-9-19 .

Just a gossip.
I saw the news.. . ya know: fraud, corruption and interesting to know some numbers $ $. One man accused fraud, steal money from MEX and Fraud to State and false companies...
Some numbers of fraud and crime are around 000 000 USD, some others 15 and $ 25 000 000 USD, even can be more in some cases: 200 or $ 175 000 000 USD average in fraud to Petroleos Mexicanos (the petrol of Mexican Republic).
I made a list: how much money would I need to do whatever thing I want and to have whatever thing I like.
I'm cheap: iF the Genius of the lamp gives me just $ 3 375 000 USD,
The most expensive car I would get Audi 3 and Chevrolet Suburban (and Kia Rio for a gift ).

ikomi 8-9-19 2019-09-08 19:30:53

An amount is irrelevant in the current mechanisms of national currencies. High inflation and devaluation can render a fixed amount practically obsolete. It's only numbers. For example, in an area where a house for a family of 4 costs million and up, .4 million doesn't go very far.

Sure, I buy/get things. What's the connection? Does having money to do/buy whatever a person wants make them happy? If it makes you happy, great. If anything, it saddens me that a lot of things being mass-produced, marketed and bought cause harm to people and the planet.

There are things that I would view as important to a good quality of life and being happy, such as clean water, nutritious food, resilience against emergencies, free movement of people/goods, etc. that aren't readily translated to a dollar/pesos amount. Then there are experiences people can have for free or low monetary cost that can be satisfying.

Maybe I don't understand the exercise?

McLaranium 11-9-19 2019-09-11 05:13:52

I've thought:
"do you think some of those criminals sleep relaxed rest ? an odd way to be happy maybe ? "
I just thought about the things and amount of money to do whatever I would like and to get all that I want. really I don't mean "with 3 500 000 USd I would be happy" - no , nothing related about it.

sometimes the play-game is : what would you do with Aladdin Genius? , what would you do with 1 hour of no limit " what would you do with 5 millions ? - but I did it inverted: how much money do I need for this and these ... I found I'm cheap, and lazy: house in Los angeles, Chihuahua and Madrid .. waaak... better to rent with Air BnB and of course, one main apartment or house and one other house ... and the first thing I considered (that's why I started this topic) was "I would like a Drone Mavic Pro".

I find interesting how some people - from drug carteles or ex-Gov people ministers : they have twice what I would enjoy even they want go for more! (o0) !
one friend said:
they live and think with other mind, perspective, another world, money and happiness is different paradigm for you and for them.

one example based in your comment:
to me, if I had the oportunity and chance to do it, provide clean water system for a comuna, or maybe a medical base , it brings happiness on me. maybe an Audi could bring joy, not happiness at all.

so much years ago, in past decades, there was a famous Police Officer Chief in MEX, he controlled with success the crime, very very low crime numbers, "because he was a kinf od crime boss beinmg the chief of police for Capital city MEX" . (o0) He built a house based in the Athens Parthenon currently abandoned. Damn! hahaha I would not bouild a mansion I would not get it.. with a comfortable apartment in Chicago I would be fine and .. "El Negro Durazo, Enrique Pea Nieto, Eruviel vila... - ex GOV people, their satisfaction feeling is sick as an alcoholic's paradigm of beer".

McLaranium . 11-9-19
I mean "a house inspired in the Athens" - not "based in / on"

ikomi 13-9-19 2019-09-13 03:09:09

Have a genie bring out genies, each summoning more genies.

What are you going to do when a Drone Mavic Pro 2 comes out?

It's said that in places with higher inequality, people are more likely to use material possessions as a way to show social status. People might be more obsessed with what they have or don't have.

Sometimes I wonder how societies would be without the current monetary system. There would still be companies and commerce, but the current way, printing lots of and infinite growth, isn't going to last on a finite earth.

An interesting distinction you made between "joy" and "happiness". They're the same to me. So one is a more long-term state?

Yeah, Greco-Roman architecture has been emulated many times in history, some might say overdone.

McLaranium 13-9-19 2019-09-13 06:30:29


Post edited 13-9-19

McLaranium 8 months ago 2021-02-10 06:01:59

I asked to my mom:
give me a list of all the things you want and what you want to do as you want to.

With one year of salarie of a famous sport star: my mother would live working as a hobbie, and having everything she wants and doing everything she wants for the rest of her life,.

ikomi says:
Sometimes I wonder how societies would be without the current monetary system. There would still be companies and commerce, but the current way, printing lots of [] and infinite growth, isn't going to last on a finite earth.

it reminds me the anime "Animatrix" ,
and real life about Sem Terra / Brasil. That was a comuna without "property" - everything is for everybody (not extremely , but in common the basics).

their own agriculture , selling the products for markets and the Gov. the profit for the comuna. some jobs paid to your property ya know.

other gossip: my niece recently buys iphone 11 : "because I need a new one and better cell phone to my instagram and ticktoks"
reasons... perspectives, ideas, . rare management or conceptions bla bla
I knew one friend spending (wasting) $ 200 USD in mariachis for her girlfriend. (00)

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