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I'm not afraid to waste money, but I don't spend it
Started by McLaranium 29-6-19 .

What is Criteria for relative prices when you buy?

When you purchase or go shopping, you build a criteria to know where and what to pay and how much to pay for something. I think we know there are limits (criteria) to know there are different prices in local shop than Glamourous Mall Shop. We know if something is expensive/affordable or cheap, or expensive/abuse (and the different variants by criteria).

You know a 50mm Canon Lens is 0.00 USD, if you find the Tokina in $ 260.00 you could consider it, mayne your criteria moves to you buy the Canon, maybe you have reasons and criteria of course to buy the Tokina.

Different story if you find the Tokina for $ 330.00 USD and Canon $ 300.00
iF you find the Canon for $ 395.00 a different history.

Now with AMD and Intel the criteria is absent, now is more emotional than rational (using the reason). This "emotion" is growing and scaling generating more emotions than criteria and as known in the internet, it's easier to be caught in the box. Just one example I found:

"People should go and buy AMD instead, because is better and cheaper. Buying the current gen Intel RIGHT NOW is quite a stupid decision to be honest "

Recently I found a guy building a PC project based in Intel, other guy said
"you can save money and don't buy more, choose AMD this model... "
~ the budget is not problem by now...
"but is better you don't buy something expensive, go with AMD , I advise you to don't waste money"

IF the difference between Intel or AMD appliance was an abuse, something beyond criteria as we know, then I could support the AMD suggest bla bla bla... it was good this guy asks opinions about the new Intel PC, I don't find something wrong, prices expensive but nothing to repent or pull the hair, and the other guy ya know: afraid and Emo to buy.

it happens, it is happening, sometimes when you lose the criteria the fanaticism makes you look like a fanboy. Hope you understand the topic I posted

ikomi 29-6-19 2019-06-29 20:40:25

On Intel vs. AMD, there were two processor security vulnerabilities in the past year or so, last I heard AMD wasn't affected by the second one.

Some people are concerned about performance, reputation, or depending on the project, the manufacturing process and customer support after purchase. With tech products, many are assembled from parts made by the same handful of large manufacturers, so I don't know how much difference in QA anyone should expect from that. Increasingly, it's about selling an experience and less about build and specifications. As experiences are personal, the price (or price difference) people are willing to pay could be several times apart from the manufacturer-suggested retail price.

McLaranium 30-6-19 2019-06-30 04:55:16

I understand and I know that you mean IKO, when you say pros, cons, tech specs. That's when you have the criteria. I've noticed really a horde and wave of comments based in emotion and fanaticism instead the criteria, and based in the "common profile" of people commenting, even haters are the trend of prices.. prices, prices, benchmarks...

ikomi 30-6-19 2019-06-30 19:05:54

Yeah, that's why I suggested one of the criteria is the experience, which includes emotions, perceptions of brand recognition and reputation (sometimes bordering on fanaticism). McDonalds still puts out TV ads, even though a lot of people in developed countries already know the name. It keeps the brand in people's minds, repeated often enough that people start to think it's a popular brand and there must be a good reason they're popular.

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