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Mexico really wrong and madness here
Started by McLaranium 3 months ago .

MEX has good things, fantastic palces and very nice people, yes. There are places so good and safe to visit, relaxed, a dn a very wide variety of attractions of different ways. There are a lot of places visited by people from all the world, some people adopt come city to live and stay forever.

iF you would like to know examples or some detail if you have some question or doubt, let me know.
but first let me ask to you all guys:
what do you know about MEX?, do you have some info or have you heard about mexican president, mexican politics or Gov?

The most short I could write this.
The reality

Mexico has two kind of criminals.
Narco Drugs organizations
Robbery Crime organizations

In both groups:
the big bosses "Cartels", families, persons, Gov partners, police groups, alone persons, big corporations (industries or Gov too) and everyhing and between.

Both big groups have enough power and pressence to convince any super hero or any Gov: cooperate or you die, it includes different palces and ways to operate:
- if you cooperate, you get $ and you are safe.
- if you don't want cooperate, then shut up, relax and you don't see anything, you don't say anything and we all happy and safe.
- if you don't wanna cooperate and you want to be against our group: say goodbye to your family and friends.
-if you don't cooperate and give me wat I want: your family and you will dissapear.

Mexico has bad people, insane and sick people.
- They buy and sell drugs: basic shools, restaurants, universities, high school, disco clubes, bares, markets or houses, places or sellers in streets.
- They buy stolen merchandise (stolen in big quantities even trucks or factory stock) : food, electronics, autoparts, house warehouse, medicine, clothes, gas (already investigated with some success, not at all), cellphones (the most terrible kind of illicit including murder for it).
- of course: people setals merchandise and commerces or whatever wherever possible for robbery (including houses or wires from a house top).
- They leave the trash everywhere, bags with trash or little pieces, I say: everyplace, every street, field, beach, woods, dessert... (worldwide problem too). if you expose them, they get furious, ofended and angry and maybe you would receive agressions or a bullet against you.
- They drive very very bad, in different ways, the worst things you could imagine of a driver: it happens.
- Bad people like users of taxis, public transport or like pedestrians. Really with a sick emotional behavior.
- people don't read, if they don't read of course they are ignorants in different ways, mental lazyness, more emotional than rational.
influenced by the media, the easy and quick way to be informed
without read, without effort: news, youtube, facebook. Influenced systematically with a good plan sistematically designed to implant in the population: discord, anger, sadness, frustration, control and manipulation.
- People in commerces or industries, people in companies: Fraud, Lies, Hoax, Cheat, Abuse. They make "hidden business" behind the company or commerce they work for. Also this kind of "business" is present in Gov instances.
- Criminals in public transport, markets, streets, avenues, fields, roads.

The majority of crimes are against people of "mid class - lower class", people going to their work in public transport, one student in the subway or a Mrs. going to the market. Some other population (and no matters social class) could be attacked in the bank, in the house, in the car, in a church. Some other cimes are Groups against Groups.

The Gov: interested just in compose or fix little things, to work in some way they got to. But there are a lot of things that Gov or any super hero could work about, and so the Gov say lies or promises as always, furtheremore the bad strategies and wrong things they do in damage to institutions and mexicans.. The Gov shows and lies to the ignorant, controlled and manipulated population they've convinced systematically commonly the people who voted by them. Here in MEX we called Zombies (pehezombies too).

iF one pehezombie reads all that I posted here, I could receive insults and vulgar words even with "violence" , I would be called with stupid nicknames (some nicknames invented by the Mexican President). Some other people is sad and dissapointed , they believed and thought the actual president they voted for could be best option but, of course not (he or any other, no one, is good option), some other people is pehezombie in process to wake up.

Current problem
Massive migrations from Honduras (passing by Guatemala) arrived to MEX long time ago and they keep on arriving, they want to cross illegaly to USA. The Gov has controlled the problem in some way, 'cause the amount of migrants caused problems in some cities. Mexican population asked a solition to fix the migration issue, and just a little and small action from Gov was taken. Donald Trump demanded actions to MEX fix the migration issue with a menace "to impose taxes and fees in mexican commerce to USA". notice: mexicans asked for solutions, only when USA demanded the same - then MEX Gov attended it even with no good deals in favor of mexicans and more in benefit for migrants. What? yes, as seen on movies.

Thanks to the time, thank for the space here in AW

McLaranium 2 months ago 2019-06-26 18:00:57


As a Gas Oil station, you serve 750 ml instead 1000 ml of Gas through the tricky Gas Dispatcher Machine, the gas station is closed, you are penalized, you pay the fee and time after it, you keep in the business. You do that again and you could pay again the charges $$ fee of penalization but the act is allowed again, 'cause "you've paid the penalization, sometimes you pay to avoid the penalization. without your criminal acts the Gov would not receive penalizations $, fees $, favors $$.

the people is happy when they see in the news or youtube: "the president stops the fraud..." , but they don't realize that's just temporary or just in a few "non risky areas".

Example again:
there are roads and avenues with restricted lines for specific cars, but the Gov a lot of times allows other cars invade or transit on the "special lines of the avenue".
Why do they allow it instead prevent or forbid ?
because the illicit is money, it is business, it is profit to income.

r@ymonD 2 months ago 2019-06-27 03:14:11

I have never been to MEX, but thought about it when I was on relocation assignment back in the States some 6 yrs ago. Before I even considered it, i was warned by some (not all) that I shouldn't even think about it. My initial plan was to cross the border through San Diego (I have driven down to LA and thought to complete the whole US-1 freeway road trip) and perhaps a meal over there and come back just to get a stamp on my passport.
That eventually didn't happen eventually after all the warnings and cautions given by the US colleagues. But I would still love to visit it one day, and still pretty much betting on my luck to land a project in Guadalajara.

r@ymonD 2 months ago 2019-06-27 03:19:47

on a lighter note of things...

Post edited 2 months ago

McLaranium 2 months ago 2019-06-27 05:58:43

Only with a contact in MEX you could visit some areas, if some person knows Tijuana, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Guadalajara of course you will enjoy / work .
if you don't know people you know there are places so very nice like Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta.
Mexico City Downtown as shown in the photo is the avenue so popular and safe, from exact center of downtown named Zocalo to Chapultepec, fantastic from 8:30 am
[ link ]
the map line in orange is the avenue and the most good I could recommend.
the Red area marked on left side is a shopping, restaurants and expensive zone , nothing special you could get better prices and better shopping in LA or HK. instead visit stores and brands known worldwide is better visit Teotihuacan pyramids. (o0)

in MEX of course you can find fantastic places to visit - even to me there are dreamland places to forget and ignore the corruption and bad things.

Post edited 2 months ago

r@ymonD . 2 months ago
Great! Thanks for the sharing.

ikomi 2 months ago 2019-06-29 20:00:10

I know very little about MX. Fantastic food, home of cacao and grand historic sites, colourful festivities and traditions, exciting fusion of cultures especially in Tijuana.

Last month I passed by a Mexican restaurant, and thought of my friend and best Spanish instructor in the heaven.

I won't delve into the politics, aside from noting that the US president's promise to build a wall along the US-MX border and make MX pay for it is working out so well. Which is to say, it is a spectacular failure.

As for all the negative traits about the people, unfortunately they are not unique to MX. Stay safe!

McLaranium 2 months ago 2019-06-30 05:06:54

I know Tijuana is very dangerous, a place to avoid. Only the downtown small district within some hours are safe. I visited Tamaulipas, I found the Downtown district so peaceful, really, peaceful in slow motion! , contrary to comments and critiques I've heard. about the mexican food outside my country, I have no doubt there can be good restaurants, but I "suspect" some of them a lot of them can be a hoax... like the chinese restaurants in MEX: chinese food modified to mexican tastes. wtf !

ikomi 2 months ago 2019-06-30 18:35:18

That's unfortunate. The food shows always make the kitchens and backyards in MX look so good. There was one episode I liked about Tijuana with a group of women cooking outdoors, having a parade and dancing at a festival.

Yeah, I didn't expect the restaurant to serve authentic MX cuisine in any sense, but it adds variety. Someone far from the country is interested enough in MX food to set up a shop.

ikomi 2 months ago 2019-07-01 14:26:43

One more thing I just remembered: a lot of produce sold in town come from Mexico, like the best avocados.

Post edited 2 months ago

McLaranium . 2 months ago
!¬¬) criminal groups control the producers of avocados, and so the prices.
gossip: if MEX reduces importation to USA (as seen time ago in a little topic between MEX-USA Gov. ) , USA was scared and horrified ! , enve USA was so afraid if they don't have enough avocado for superbowl

ikomi . 2 months ago
Do those groups also control other agricultural production besides avocados?

It's not the same Super Bowl without and guac. The tariffs would impact US businesses, so maybe they won't push as hard on it.

McLaranium . 2 months ago
Avocado, Lemon and tomato is kidnapped so.
i can't imagine a play game of Toronto Bluejays without guacamole
I will take a photo of the girl who sells avocados here in the neighborhood. you will see, interesting I will try different angles

ikomi . 2 months ago
and Tostitos salsa.

The fruit and vegetable sellers in MX specialise in particular kinds of produce?

McLaranium . 2 months ago
here MEX has almost everything. haha i remember one firned told me: "years ago I was working in the orange production, the boss invited me to pick up enough orange for free... I arrived with two big bags and the boss replied: no!, come with a truck , just two bags? - one truck is enough".

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