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Hong Kong Protests against Extradition Bill
Started by Night Angel 18-6-19 .

On 9/6 Sunday, a peaceful protest was held to express the citizens' opposition to the Extradition Bill proposed by the government in Hong Kong. More than 1 million people participated, but in the end it was turned ugly when the government announced their firm position to amend the bill in July. Some of the protestors refused to leave and set up barriers to cordon off roads in the main central district area.

Even worse, people organized another round of protest three days later. On 12/6, protestors showed up in Admiralty near the Central Government Complex and blocked major roads, paralyzing the traffic in that area in the morning. The whole district was closed until midnight when the police started to clear the roads and disperse the crowd.

Tear gas and rubber bullets were used, and the police was accused of the use of unnecessary violence and means to clear the areas. The action triggered even greater anger in the city, leading to another huge march event on the next Sunday (16/6). Nearly 2 million people participated, making it the largest protest so far in Hong Kong history. However, the whole event went orderly, smooth and peaceful, and this time police did not interfere much. The protest last until the next morning when the protestors came to an agreement and released the blocked roads to the public. They also cleaned the space where they occupied.

The event unfortunately led to little success as the government did not revoke the bill but instead just suspended it. Also, the police refused to take back its original definition of the 12/6 event as riot, as that would put certain people to jail (note that nothing was burnt or vandalized while no one was hurt, so why riot?). The people were not satisfied with the press release from the government after the march, and I am not sure if people will go on march again this weekend...

From BBC page:

It's important to remember that Hong Kong is significantly different from other Chinese cities. To understand this, you need to look at its history.

It was a British colony for more than 150 years - part of it, Hong Kong island, was ceded to the UK after a war in 1842. Later, China also leased the rest of Hong Kong - the New Territories - to the British for 99 years.

It became a busy trading port, and its economy took off in the 1950s as it became a manufacturing hub.

The territory was also popular with migrants and dissidents fleeing instability, poverty or persecution in mainland China.

Summary of The Incident 12/6
[ link ]

The Contexts You'll Need
[ link ]

How much Japanese cares too
[ link ]

The Stunning Pictures from BBC on 16/6 March
[ link ]

I feel so sad about what happened. The government did not really respond to what the people were asking, but simply dispel the doubts by stressing how important the bill was to the safety of Hong Kong. Misleading the crowd is not working here, and I feel so frustrated and also angry that the government failed to address the concerns. Instead, they chose to evade from the questions, and to apply force to unarmed civilians. The police shot the unarmed people with rubber bullets, and some policemen were photographed when throwing bricks back to the crowd. Looking at the blood that some teenagers shedded, I just want to cry...

This is absolutely crazy...and now I can only sigh, that the city I love is dying...

Post edited 18-6-19

McLaranium 26-6-19 2019-06-26 17:55:43

No words.

in MEX the law + corruption is as terrible as Taliban issues in Pakistan or Kabul.
if you are victim of "unreasonable / unproved / random criminal charges" ... what can we say?

only rest trust in the population criteria based in the current trust of local law as i think it's applying.

so much different in MEX, I could post examples or explanations but this is enough to know MEX and it's corruption:

"if I don't let you commit illicit acts, we would not have work, we got to have people in the process with charges guilty or not"
it covers the fraud Gov business and some political or empowered favors (that's what HK also want to prevent I suppose).

ikomi 29-6-19 2019-06-29 19:20:25

So much for the promise nothing will change for the next 50 years.

McL: as I understand it, it depends on the perpetrator's citizenship, whether there are extradition treaties set up with other nations and the conditions under which an extradition request may be denied. Some countries' laws prohibit them from extraditing people to other countries with the death penalty, where there is a high risk of torture, or if there is evidence of political persecution.

HK currently has extradition agreements with 20 countries, not including China and Taiwan. Last year there was a murder case in Taiwan where both the suspect and victim were HK citizens. As the crime was committed in a country without an extradition agreement with HK, the HK police couldn't charge the alleged murderer or have him sent him back to Taiwan for trial. The HK government then came up with a plan to enable per-case extradition to countries not on the list.

This article explains the situation nicely. Basically, there are two main issues tied up with that plan:

1. The government insisted on adding Taiwan and China, despite initial proposals from political moderates for Taiwan to be added first on an as-needed basis and postpone the other for future debate. Beijing considers Taiwan a part of China, and adding one without the other is seen as recognising Taiwan as an independent nation, which it won't do. Meanwhile, Taiwan has declined the extradition arrangement offer. Going through with it will likely increase tensions between the two governments.

2. As Night Angel mentioned, there are major human rights implications for allowing extradition to the mainland, where the death penalty still exists as well as a long record for torture. Under the new plan, the only obstacle between a suspect and the death row is the Chief Executive.

Put in one perspective, while MX may suffer from corruption, the leadership is - at least on paper - elected by the people. The Chief Executive is decidedly not elected by the people.

Post edited 29-6-19

McLaranium 30-6-19 2019-06-30 05:12:24

I read the article.. yes thanks for the link .!
(below I saw the famous Huawei topic... )

ikomi 30-6-19 2019-06-30 18:55:13

Yeah, the Huawei topic is another fiasco. Are you referring to the Canadian government detaining the Huawei CEO for extradition to the US, or the US sanctions against Chinese tech companies including Huawei?

Some people in the Chinese-Canadian communities blamed the Canadian government for complying with the extradition treaty, and some said they should have let her escape and make it look like an accident. It seems like a lose-lose situation of offending either one or even both sides.

Night Angel . 6-7-19
Sigh, that is another crazy thing...I am just speechless about this whole event. Where from earth does this all start from? I mean, the intentions and the secret plan behind...

ikomi . 6-7-19
Probably leverage for the economic trade war between two countries.

McLaranium . 13-7-19
conspiracies, secret plans behind. yes, it exists in some way. (o0)

McLaranium 3-7-19 2019-07-03 08:45:05

Huawei and Donald Trump + Kim Jong + Mexican migration + Android + Google + Canadian Gov
- still I'm not sure but, looking closer maybe that's circus, much ado about nothing .

"they should have let her escape and make it look like an accident"
it happens in MEX, sometimes "it looks like suicide".

ikomi . 3-7-19
Yeah, a lot of posturing.

From McLaranium:

"they should have let her escape and make it look like an accident"
it happens in MEX, sometimes "it looks like suicide".

There have been reports of indigenous women (aboriginals) in Canada who went missing or were found murdered, apparently connected to government negligence, but not that kind of celebrity political assassination.

Night Angel 28-7-19 2019-07-28 02:33:51

Some of you probably saw even more events happening after the 2-million-people contests. For the last weekends, big demonstrations still went on and some really ugly and horrifying attacks by thugs and also policemen happened at Yuen Long Station.

On 21 July, after the big protest at the city center, many of the protestors returned home. At Yuen Long station, thugs in white stormed the area with canes and rods, shouting at and attacking passengers, especially those in black (the unofficial color of the protest events). Then, they rushed into the paid areas and reached the platform and even the train, beating up anyone they saw. The injured included women (one pregnant) and fathers protecting their infants, besides the protestors in black. It lasted more than 30 minutes until the police came while the thugs ran away. It was suspected that the police and thugs actually set up this drama with perfect timing. Some people pointed out that it was a common tactic from Chinese government to use triads to contain the riots when authorized enforcement fails.

[ link ]

In response to this violent act, people tried to apply for demonstration permit in Yuen Long area and police rejected the application. Still, thousands of people gathered in Yuen Long and filled all the main roads and light railway lines. The event, like previous ones, did not end peacefully even many of the participants already left the area around 8pm. Clashes finally broke out between policemen and protestors, and major streets were restored to normal after midnight.

However, one terrible thing happened before all the protestors left. The police advised the protestors to stop all the actions and leave by train. Many entered the station for the last train but clearly it was already gone. The exits were then all blocked by the police and some armed policemen entered the station and beat the protestors. Blood was shed and some defended with fire extinguishers. Some reporters were also injured.

[ link ]

When will this madness end? Why are all the high officials from the government not showing up?

ikomi 29-7-19 2019-07-29 01:06:20

That was a nicer account of the July 21 events. In one version I heard, a pair of patrolling police saw the scene on the upper floor, turned back and left in the direction they came. Police didn't return until 2-3 hours later.

They are not showing up because they know well what they have done.

McLaranium 31-7-19 2019-07-31 07:35:18

what could happen if nobody contain or rejects the protest?
Imagine: protesters, people demanding, streets full of citizens and just a few policies and wards watching :
can it be the risk of vandalism? to give them free transit free "manifestation" ...
would it be like a parade?
I ask about this not ignoring all the topic, but based in the violence or rejections with gas (o0)

ikomi 31-7-19 2019-07-31 18:19:39

If the protests are ignored, people might continue to make noise, call on other countries to put pressure on the HK government, perform acts of civil disobedience, etc. Things like blocking traffic to major roadways, disrupting major conferences/events.

Apparently two groups of people already vandalised parts of the Legislative Assembly building. This was a few days after the initial large protests. They left a sentence on the wall saying basically "you taught us peaceful protest is futile".

Finance and tourism are major industries in HK. It is possible for continued protests to disrupt these sectors, with investors being uncertain about the instability, while tourists might not want to be swept into crowds and riot police. Even as simple as regularly shutting down the metro station in an area when protests or confrontations are happening can affect foot traffic for local businesses (especially those catering to tourists).

The police will likely continue trying to stop the protests with riot gear, possibly with local help.

McLaranium 1-8-19 2019-08-01 06:10:46

it is interesting, the geography is factor. different than MEX or Spain. add the culture, and of course the way politic mind works with his own culture / understanding ...
and the perspective of Vincent, your criteria, my experience... ha ha multi- cultural "multi- ..." I don't know!, since I'm christian... and based in the experience I had like a revelation - *sigh* I understand now when Nightangel says "so sad" even when (you all) are miles away in a different -ancient modern world .

Night Angel 9-8-19 2019-08-09 05:31:57

Last Monday, there was a huge strike in the city, alongside with numerous blockades on the major roads and train stations. It is probably another big turmoil so far in the demonstration movement since June.

We were all well alerted about what was going to happen during the weekend before that, and that morning I left home 50 minutes earlier already. Every day before going to work I took my baby to my parent's place, just 5 train stops away. I did not want to get stuck on the train with my baby, and we did manage to complete the handover before disruption started. I was struck at one of the stops when I went to work then, but was also told that I could just stay home and work remotely, which I did in the end.

The transportation standstill happened on some major highways and roads too, while MTR (the subway) was completely paralysed until nearly 12pm. The city was broadly affected and many of people was forced to stay home or work in a different place.

Then, it came to the laser show in the last two days. From The Guardian:

Protesters in Hong Kong gathered to support the use of laser pointers in demonstrations after a university student leader was arrested for buying and carrying laser pointers. Police had sought to justify the arrest of Keith Fong, head of the Baptist University student union, by showing how one of the lasers could burn through newspaper. Fong was arrested on suspicion of carrying offensive weapons

To protest, many arrived at the Space Museum at Tsim Sha Tsui to display a laser show, showing laser onto the dome structure of the museum and mocking at the police claim of "laser point is a dangerous piece of equipment that may burn and injure others".

The whole event shows no sign of stopping at all, while all the government officials refused to address the problems after showing up for only a few times over the past two weeks. More protests are planning for the upcoming weekends, and I guess I can only stay home with my wife and kid. (I would join the protest if I don't have to take care of him!)

Funny thing is that yesterday at a morning radio show, lawmaker Regina Lau even claimed that there must be a "sophisticated super boss" creating all these violent protests. From my observations, there has to be a super boss who is coordinating all the protests. The leader knows how to use technology like LIHKG, Telegram and even Airdrop, causing a nuisance for the police, Regina Ip said.


Night Angel . 9-8-19
Well, all the youngsters these days know how to use these apps, including me, the host chimed in. Who do you think this super boss is then?

how stupid

McLaranium 12-9-19 2019-09-12 06:49:17

maybe you've noticed I don't comment in shoutbox about the issues and posts by Night Angel or yours guys. it is because I don't have words to give an opinion. (o0)
this is the point where your culture and the mine, your country / Gov / geograph... the way you have living your life and the way I suffer (and enjoy) my life in MEX. so different to grow in a country or city than other even different to grow or live in different district or Estate.
A riot and protest is not the same thing in MEX by mexicans than Hong Kong with chineses landers or non landers.

iF I share the things happening in MEX, is not to make a competition or comparison, it is just my way to offer some support and maybe the way to share indignation or anger... or sadness... or whatever ting.

in the old post thread named "client ignoring design process" you notice the kind of lazy ignorant and zombie mexican people are.

really, to be mexican is to be a bad person, with a lot of adjetives about the bad and wrong. Not everybody is like that: but when majorities more than 55% (and more than that) of people is bad and worse: the result is a puke trash society. You can find a few points so good, lovely mexican things, fantastic palces, excellent people, unforgettable experiences, but that's just a little part of a sick country.

I and other friends see Hong Kong and Canada like dreamland, Hong Kong from the perstective of a lot of mexicans : is the other planet, the future, the present, the best place to stay without crime, without trash, withous shit. Every country has different zones we all know , not all is a paradise.

we can agree something: The politics and persons in Gov , they aren't good persons.
(in MEX : bad Gov and Bad people).

and maybe you would agree: the protests have two sides one in benefit one in damage and the Gov without "deliver prompt and expeditious justice" ,


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