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Rio's Olympic Venues in disrepair
Started by Night Angel 31-8-17 .

Read this on the Guardian, and it is really heartbreaking...

From the Guardian [ link ]

Six months after hosting South America’s first-ever Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Rio de Janeiro venues – some of which have been looted – sit mainly idle and already in disrepair, raising questions about a legacy that organisers promised would benefit the Brazilian city and its residents

Sigh, the money and effort six years ago...

McLaranium 31-8-17 2017-08-31 15:39:46

a fee $ like 1 USD of membership ...
or maybe a membership of 10 USD ...
the "owners" could get gain instead wasted important sport instalations
ya know... ya know.
no comment
blin blin *

Nohbudy 26-9-17 2017-09-26 21:29:12

It's such a waste, to build all this up just for a single event then let it rot. Meanwhile residents are still living in shantys, this should have been for them.

Night Angel 27-9-17 2017-09-27 03:41:15

Indeed, it’s a very huge problem for any cities that host the Olympics, and it is more merely the buildings and related facilities being wasted, but also the other consequences that haunt the citizens agree the games. It can be pretty scary, and Rio’s case is probably worse, as they still have to deal with the hygiene problems and rebuilding tourism businesses.

More information from this link: [ link ]

McLaranium 28-9-17 2017-09-28 03:50:25

one friend and I were talking about his sad histories - like a "drained dry tree, like a drained lake".
(from christian point of view) -
support, fans, claps, ovations, effort, work +
Euphoria, enthusiasm, emotion = emptiness.

in the hands of the devil 'cause "they" don't know, "they , we" receive in back: a dry tree, a drained soul, abandoned spaces as seen in the images .
Images don't lie.
they deceive how the humanoids also gave their energy for a moment, finally ending in that emptiness dried. a kind of cheat.

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