2 Kinds of People
Started by Night Angel 9 months ago .

I found this little website so fun and funny, check it out! Which kind are you then?

Take a look at some of the interesting illustrations from Lisbon, Portugal!

2 Kinds of People

McLaranium 9 months ago 2017-06-02 20:18:39

about paper in bathroom... it's my "style"
I use am- pm 12hr format.
I remove stickers
clean screen desktop and name for files (not all ya know).
I tweet food but only ofr the brand maybe for #B612 photos just.
what is Pokemon? (o0

[ link ]

Night Angel 9 months ago 2017-06-03 00:28:17

Haha, that's interesting. I also remove stickers and name files with clean desktop, but I use 24-hr. What is your "style" for toilet paper then?

Pokemon? It is an animation from Japan: [ link ]

McLaranium 9 months ago 2017-06-04 06:22:39

pokemon was a very popular old old nintendo game ... I knew something about but . no.. no more. and some friends were crazy with the pokemon go app.

I don't care about the toilet paper [ link ] as you saw - but I talk with my mother about this post and ... she hates the toilet paper like the first image shown ! it was a surprise to me (o0) when she told me about that - hahaha she really feels annoyed when the paper is in the wall side !.

Night Angel 9 months ago 2017-06-05 02:10:54

maybe it's true, and I feel weird too that the paper may touch the wall more in that way. So definitely paper rolling out to the outside

McLaranium . 9 months ago
mine is the left (o0) one friend also the right eye . (o0)

Night Angel . 9 months ago
I am right. Definitely no left, haha...

McLaranium . 9 months ago
definitely no right even!!! you could be trapped in the sand! ya know there is an "ideal line" even marked by other "boogie cars" you can rent iF you want . .

Night Angel . 9 months ago
Trapped in the...what?

McLaranium . 9 months ago
i was driving , following the line marked . the compacted sand by the water. but I moved to right and the beach so dry ... like dessert way . . sorry- I was 15 minutes removing the sand trying to rescue my car till some locals help

McLaranium 9 months ago 2017-06-08 00:49:20

* the line is not marked... it is just the mark made by some car that passed by... *

McLaranium . 9 months ago
[ link ]

wet zone- safe zone.

dry zone: you will drown! - I said: pleas don't try this at home it is nod made by professionals .

Night Angel 9 months ago 2017-06-09 15:48:36

Just too confusing for me..

Night Angel 8 months ago 2017-06-19 02:05:55

McL, I wonder if you name your design files with properly names, or just with version numbers.

McLaranium 8 months ago 2017-06-19 14:34:54

i don't rename the photos- . IMG_20170428_185818 , DSC_4871 ...
the thumbnail is enough .
client works are renamed, the orint shop does not care about it, but is better identify my name as prefix publibolsas_dermatologica25.pdf publibolsas_line25cut.PDF
personal files aren't renamed. i just add underline or random letter , sometimes a random name shadow_1, thumb555, covercd_tim, .
some videos are renamed, but the folder name is enough to me

Night Angel 8 months ago 2017-06-20 02:43:35

Why random names?

publibolsas_dermatologica25 you don't use space? And I wonder what "publibolsas_line25cut" means...

PS: I don't like capital letters in the file extension, haha...

McLaranium 8 months ago 2017-06-21 05:14:21

interesting. I feel something strange when the file extension is in CAPS.
maybe my paranoid mind stops me from add space in the file name. maybe my ignorance maybe the new internet, readers, mails and systems don't cause problems to identify space in names (o0)..
that example is for files to printshop. I send PDF with prices and info using spaces like
Vincent Layout - Glossy print .pdf , publibolsas_shoeshop.ai . Mr John Doe Pink bags - pre invoice.pdf
and i posted "publibolsas_line25cut" thinking about a diagramm of a bag with the lines to cut and fold.

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