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sharing video from cabin above the barrio
Started by McLaranium 30-1-17 .

I will upload other video like this one, by now a little vid capture.
Estado de México

This is a new public transport system, applied by the local gov. helpful and cheap, around 70 cents of USD. some people take this like a weekend travel tour touristic plans, at afternoon is full, people take the tour for fun in weekends

don't expect fantastic views or landscapes... it is in mexico for public transport, in some of the bad gethos as it's known.

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Night Angel 1-2-17 2017-02-01 02:03:21

I seldom see cable cars being used as public transport through a city center. Interesting! So where do you travel to with this cable car?

Do Mex people drive more, or take the buses / trains / cable cars more for commutation?

McLaranium 1-2-17 2017-02-01 03:48:24

This MexiCable (named so), is public transport from big avenue to the people living in the "high". there are buses and mini-buses, but now with this is more cheap.
Depending the city, people uses more the car, no public transport near.
in Downtown mexico city, public transport buses, subway, taxis and so much cars.
arond the city, public transport is unsafe, that's why so much people owns a car.
I've seen prices to visit my friends in the remote Chihuahua city. ya know I drive and I likce take the trip, but with the new so much expensive price of gas, traveling in is cheap even with car rental. (o0)

I didn't know they have a website !
I don't knew

[ link ]

intersting Jean Todt, ex-Ferrari boss speechs!

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